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The Tenancy 



Paying your rent

We highly recommend you contact your bank and set up a
Standing Order this can also be set up yourself if you have on-line banking. Your bank will automatically electronically transfer the required amount to the the bank account details provided in your tenancy agreement this will either be to Your London's client account if we manage your tenancy or directly to your landlord.

A daily interest is charged for late rental payments and will be stated in the tenancy agreement.    

Accidents happen

We all cause damage to fixtures and fittings, iron burns to the carpet or heal imprints to solid wood flooring but when you are a tenant the fixtures and fittings are not your own and in turn need to be repaired or replaced and paid for by yourself. 


Your London property management upon your request can organise any repairs required and quote and then charge you accordingly.



So your not left exposed to a big bill and your rent still to pay, we highly recommend you take out an insurance premium. Please ask for further information.


General maintenance and keeping the property in full working order



We the seasonal changes gutters and drains do get blocked by leaves and other bebris and we all done have ladder or the confidence to clear blockages.

Your London property management can arrange this for you.


No one likes to clean but sadly this is a fact of life, 80% of all disputes between landlord and tenant are cleaning related both on expectations during a tenancy and more so any the end of a tenancy.Your London can recommend both a regular professional cleaners for the little and often approach and for the deep seasonal and end of tenancy clean.


Daily build up of hard water marks


Built on grease and oil


Apply after use


Daily application


Build up due to hard water


Internal Mold


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