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Making An Offer 


You have now viewed a suitable property, you are now in a position to make an offer to the Landlord for consideration. 

Please note that any accepted offer does not give you a guarantee that you have a new home and would be subject to you meeting the reference criteria and further more signing the tenancy agreement. 

Part (1)  Ideal applicant criteria (Basic guide to reference criteria


  • Employed with a permanent employment contract

  • Self employed with an accountant who can confirm an income for the last 24 months or have last 2 years P60's or SA 103S

  • Household income, minimum 2.5 x the annual rent, examples:  

£1000pcm rent x 12 x 2.5 = £30,000pa pre tax income (Guaranteed Income only) 

£2000pcm rent x 12 x 2.5 = £60,000pa pre tax income (Guaranteed Income only) 

  • Minimum 6 month resident in the UK so you have a credit profile 

  • No County Court Judgements (CCJ) or Bankruptcy 

  • Utility account in your name at your current home (Gas, Electric, Water and or Council Tax) 

  • Forms of photo Identification (Passport or UK Driving Licence) 

If you don't meet all or any of the above please disclose this to Your London to give further advice and guidance.

Part (2) Please cut and paste the above questions and add your answers into an email and send to

Where there are multiple tenants please confirm details for each tenant for any relevant questions

Who will live in the property:

Number of Adults ?   

Unless sole occupant, do you currently live together ? 

Age/s ? 

Number of Children ?  

Age/s ?

Number of Pets ? (Please specify the breed and age, ideally provide a photo) 

Your nationality/s ? 

Full Time Employment (If applicable): Please complete also for guarantors if applicable.  

Who is your employer ?  

Position/s Held ? 

Tenure of position ? (Permanent, Temporary  or Contract) 

Start date/s ? 

Full Education (If applicable): (If you are studying please leave the employment section and complete this) 

University of College you attend?

Course studying?

Course completion date?

Income source, student loan, parents etc.. ?

(It is common when no UK guarantors are available or the landlord does not wish to enter into an agreement with a guarantor that an advance rent payment is requested greater then one month) 

Terms of your property tenancy through Your London:  

Your rental PCM offer ? 

Your proposed possession date/tenancy start date ? 

Length of initial tenancy agreement ? Standard is a fixed 12 month term 

Any mutual break clause with in the fixed period above? 

Any requests you wish the landlord to fulfil before the tenancy start date following your viewing of the property ? 

   Landlord is not obligated to adhere to any requests made after offer acceptance 

Share of Rent:

Unless sole occupation please confirm share of monthly rent per co tenant ?

Your current status: 

Do you have a current landlord who will be able to provide a reference ? 

Are you moving from your own property ?

We will  require a current copy of the land registry record, cost approx. £20  

All tenants full names as shown on your passport, email address, mobile number and current home address/s:

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