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I would like to make an offer on a property to buy marketed by Your London, what information do I need to provide?


Please don't make an offer unless you have done your due diligence and have selected a conveyancer ready for instruction subject to offer acceptance.  

Buyer/s: 1) Full name and Salutation? 


2) Contact details Email address?

3) Mobile number?

4) Second contact number?

5) Current Address?

6) Purchase Price Offer (£)?

7) If the property is currently tenanted do you require vacant possession before exchange of contracts?                                                                          

Only if you are buying with a residential mortgage will the lender insist on this. 

If you are buying via funds available, you are classed as a "Cash buyer" this is where no 3rd party lending is required via a mortgage or bank loan.


Mortgage:  If you are buying via a mortgage, please answer the following questions?


7) Name of lender?

8) Contact details?

9) Residential or buy-to-let mortgage? 

If you have a dedicated mortgage broker please supply the details for the broker:

10) What percentage of the purchase price do you intend to pay as a deposit?

(Your "Mortgage in principle" offer letter from your lender will need to be provided before the property is removed from the market) 

Please also confirm if there are any restrictions on the mortgage such as steel frame construction, if property is above a commercial building this will save you both time and money before your application starts.

I am selling a property in order to finance the purchase, what information do you require from me?


11) Address of  Asset?

12) Current possession in terms of the sale progression? 

13) Your purchasers funding confirmation? 

14) Do you have an estate agent acting for you?

If so please provide name and contact details?

The liability for stamp duty changed from the 4th December 2014; to confirm what stamp duty land tax would be due please use this

stamp duty calculator 

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