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Securing a Property


At this point, once an offer has been accepted by the landlord you will be requested to provide a £500 holding deposit which confirms your commitment to the property.

The process from now to be given keys to your new home is as follows:

Your London will email you a financial breakdown (Monies Breakdown) confirming the pre-move in costs and charges along with a disclaimer on which basis the £500 will not be refunded if the tenancy does not commence on the agreed date. 

Tenant - Bank transfer is the safest and quickest way to make any payments to us, there is is also no bank charges associated with this method, Your London's bank details are stated on the Monies Breakdown. If you wish to pay cash into a Barclays Branch you will need to add £1.50 per £100 paid in to cover bank charges.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are cheques acceptable unless agreed by Your London as this method does not provide cleared funds.

Sign, scan and email the monies breakdown, state your ideal time of check-in on your tenancy start date in the section provided. 


Your London - Once the £500 holding deposit has been confirmed into our bank account and we have received the signed monies breakdown a web link to our reference company for your immediate completion will be emailed to your account. Check-in appointment to be booked and confirmed. 


Tenant - Complete the emailed web link from our reference company


Provide the following by scan and email:


  • Utility or council tax bill (less than 3 months old)  Gas, electric and water bills only are acceptable

  • Council tax bill (less than 3 months old)

  • Colour copy of your passport or photo driving licence

  • If a non EU passport is held then an approved work/study visa will need to be supplied.

Your London will now produce a draft tenancy agreement and email this to all tenants and the landlord for review.  


Tenant and Your London - Once all the reference check are complete, you have provided all the required documents, signing of the tenancy agreement can take place. 


Tenant - Its now time to make the bank transfer for the remaining monies stated on the monies breakdown. 


Your London will now arrange for all agreed requests to take place before your check-in,

provide keys to the check-in clerk to hand over to you.


Tenant - Your moving day has now arrived, you will be met by the check-in clerk at the property at the time confirmed. Once the check-in is completed, you will be given the keys and the property is now your new home.

Your London will email you the PDF check-in report with 72 hours of check-in.

Tenant -  You then have 2 days to review and make any comment if you feel there is a discrepancy with it's content. You will need to inform the utility suppliers (If applicable Gas, Electric and Water) of your move in and give them the meter  reading provided on the check-in report.  

You will also need to inform the relevant council tax department of the same.

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