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Once you have signed our Terms and Conditions the following legal requirements need to be completed before a tenant can take possession

Q: Am I an Overseas landlord?

You are considered an Overseas Landlord if you live abroad or go to work abroad for lengthy periods of time, being so means the payee of rent must be approved by HMRC to do so with out deducting any tax.  You must apply to the Inland Revenue Financial Intermediaries Claims Office (FICO) for authorisation (by way of an exemption certificate NRL1 Form this is required by law.

As an agent the financial penalties for non compliance are very high . 

Your London's Agent number to be quoted is: 904/NA051825


Q: What is my duty of care to the tenant?

Under common law, the Landlord must ensure that properties to let are safe, failure to comply with Safety Legislation is considered a criminal offence resulting in legal action and prosecution.

 (The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1994 (amended 1998) – the Landlord must maintain gas installations and all gas appliances through annual inspections and safety checks carried out by a GAS SAFE registered engineer and a copy of the Current Inspection Certificate must be left at the property.


Smoke/Carbon monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors need to be fitted to each floor of the property and a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the rooms where solid fuel burners are fitted and in use, good practice recommends a Carbon Monoxide Detector is fitted in each room with a gas supply also.



(The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 & Electricity at Works Regulations 1989-  the Landlord must ensure that all mains voltage household electrical appliances and equipment is tested and safe to use. Any non-repairable items must be replaced and removed. 

An NICEIC or similarly qualified electrical engineer must carry out a visual test every 5 years although good practice recommends these tests would be completed before each change of tenancy.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) individual tests for items supplied by the landlord, these test are recommended each change of tenancy.  


Furniture and Furnishings


The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety)Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 & 1993)  - Soft furnishings (such as mattresses, settees, bed bases, cushions and padded headboards) must meet fire resistance standards and bear a permanent  label confirming this. If compliance cannot be proved, the item must be removed and replaced.



Energy Performance Certificate


A certificate must be displayed on all marketing material for your property prior to marketing and a copy issued upon request to a tenant. 


Q: Who do I need to inform that I am letting out my property?

  1. Written consent must be obtained from your Mortgage Provider and Freeholder (If property is leasehold along with informing the management agent of our contact details if you wish Your London to manage the tenancy) A corporate tenant will not sign and a tenancy agreement without mortgage consent due to risk of repossession. 

  2. Your insurance company must be notified that the property is to be rented out and appropriate insurance obtained for a tenanted property, your insurance policy will not cover tenants possessions. 
Your London can provide you with the details of an insurance company who can provide specific insurance policies to comply with your requirements: Homelet


Q: Furnished or Unfurnished? 


Most professional Tenants prefer the property to be unfurnished and it has been found that a Tenant is likely to respect the property more if they have their own possessions and also due to the cost of moving, stay in the property for a longer.
The difference between rent for furnished or unfurnished is negligible but the Landlord remains responsible for the repair of replacement of any furnishings which become broken or worn due to natural wear and tear (unless this was caused by an act of the Tenant) - The Deposit Protection Scheme

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