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Moving In 



Everything is now complete and your move in day is here!

Q: What is a check-in

You may have a removal company parked up outside ready to move your items in but first you will be met at the property by an inventory clerk who will identify and make a record of the utility meter readings, meter serial numbers the location of the meters and also prepare a document called a schedule of condition, this process is called Check-in and from our prospective is the most important process that has to be done before you have legal possession. 


The time required to process a check-in will vary depending on the size and condition of the property. 


  • Electricity meter

  • Gas  meter 

  • Water meter




You are responsible for opening accounts in your name with the current gas, electricity and water suppliers and paying your bills from the meter reading taken at check-in as any usage from this point is charged to yourself. Who supplies the property 


Q: Who supplies the properties utilities?


To find out who your gas supplier is, call the M Number Enquiry Helpline on 0870 608 1524 you will also in due course receive letters from the properties suppliers addressed to "The Occupier" there letters are basically the supplier asking who ever has moved in please contact them asap with your details and meter readings to open your account..


Your London can inform your gas, electricity, water provider and relevant council tax department that you are the new tenant(s) for an administration charge.  You are responsible for paying for all / some of the following utilities to the property from the day your Tenancy commences until the day it ceases and final meter readings as confirmed at check-out.

Changing Providers


You must first ask permission from Your London who will seek written approval from your Landlord if you wish to change to an alternative utility or service provider as not all properties are bought to let some are simply let out for a short period of time and your landlord may intend to return to the property. Some services or utilities maybe provided as part of your Tenancy; these will be stated in your Tenancy Agreement.


Council Tax


The local authority will need to know that you have moved in, please make sure that you contact them to arrange your council tax payments.  You may be entitled to Council Tax Benefit if your income is below a certain amount or a reduction in the amount you pay if you are the only person living in the property (or both).  You may also be entitled to Council Tax exemption if you are in full time education; you are still required to register with the local authority who will advise you accordingly.  For further advice please contact your local Council tax Department.


LB of Greenwich
020 8854 8888
LB of Lewisham 020 8314 6000
LB of Southwark council 020 7525 5000
LB of Tower Hamlets 020 7364 5002
LB of Newham Council 020 8430 2000
LB of Lambeth Council 020 7926 1000
LB of Bromley Council 020 8464 3333


Manuals for the Appliances


Many buy to let properties have had many tenants in and sometimes the manuals do go missing, majority of which can be found as an on line download.



Although we advise previous tenant to re-direct their post to there new address a week before the move out, inevitably sometimes this is overlooked. We would ask you to "Return to Sender" any post that is not your own by doing this the sender will amend their records that the named person/s is no longer at the property and stop sending mail to your new home.     


Post for your landlord


We would ask you to please either forward the post to our office or we can collect any post for your landlord in person.




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