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Advice for TFO Clients 


You have decided to manage the property and tenancy yourself and instruct only on a "Tenant Find Only" basis...


As your agent instructed on a “Tenant Find Only” basis we will process everything up the point of Check-In.


Recommendations of good practice.


Pre check-in


Have your property professionally cleaned including all carpets, accessible windows and any exterior areas. If you would not be happy having to clean your home before moving your furniture in, nor will your tenant.


Have the property decorated and any maintenance issues rectified 


Replace any discoloured sealant, one for cosmetic reason and another to prevent leaks during the tenancy into any properties or rooms below.  


Check all furniture for any damage and replace with new.


Fit a mattress protector




Being present along with the clerk and tenant to make sure any issues are raised and can be dealt with.


Confirming the tenant knows where the stop cock and fuse is, emergency procedures to follow, how to use any appliances supplied if no manuals are available, the tenants knows their liabilities when hanging items on the walls. Setting up rent payments to your account along with council tax and utility registration.


Property Inspections


We recommend every 3 months, many tenants are often nervous to report  genuine wear and tear issues, how to keep a property working fully and clean. A small issue seen can be remedied before causing you a head ache later in the tenancy.


Once a tenant gives notice or the tenancy is coming to an end.


Within the last month, ideally 3 weeks before check-out.


Meet your tenants to confirm  their liabilities come check-out and the need to make immediate plans and bookings for removals, cleaners and any other 3rd party contractors to present the property in the same conditions as when they moved in.




Be present with both your tenant and clerk for check-out, have any o/s issues agreed and dealt with well in advance of your new tenant taking possession which can sometimes be on the same day.


Council Tax


By defualt as the owner of the property liability for council tax is yours, if you are not moving into the property, make sure you have given the council tax department your correspondents address, otherwise you will receive a court summonds, more then likley sent to the default adders the property.   


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